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Device for protection against sun - comprises number of parallel lamellas having longitudinal axes about which they are rotatable by adjustment mechanism.
: Wirth, H.; Gombert, A.; Wittwer, V.; Jungjohann, J.

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DE 1997-19700111 A: 19970103
DE 1997-19700111 A: 19970103
WO 1997-DE3017 A: 19971223
EP 1997-954709 A: 19971223
DE 19700111 C2: 20030206
EP 956423 B1: 20030326
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The lamellas (L) of the device or a layer on the upper side of them are/is made of a transparent material, having a cross-section vertical to the longitudinal axis of the lamellas which is composed of first surface components arranged inclinedly to the lamella upper side and radiated approximately vertically by the sun. Second surface components are arranged at an acute angle of approximately 45 deg. to the first surface components. A third surface component is vertical to be second surface components. The adjacent first and second surface component pairs have a distance between them, which with approximately vertical radiation of the first surface component with sunlight makes possible a low-shade radiation in and out via the first surface component. ADVANTAGE - Transparency properties are unaffected or if they are this is very slight. Prevents dazzling effects through directly incoming sun light on room interiors.