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Glass for protecting against sunlight - has transparent panel with surface lens structures facing sun, and focal plane of lenses lies behind panel in layer of thermotropic material.
: Goetzberger, A.

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DE 1996-19613221 A: 19960402
DE 1996-19613221 A: 19960402
EP 1997-104735 A: 19970320
EP 800097 A: 19971008
DE 19613221 C2: 20010222
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The glass has a transparent panel with lens structures (3) on the surface which faces the sun. The focal plane of the lens structures lies as far as possible behind the panel. A flat layer of a thermotropic material (5) is arranged behind the panel, so that the focal plane of the lens structures lies as much as possible in the layer. The lens structures may be spherical, three-dimensional lenses, or may be cylindrical or Fresnel lenses. The panel may also be separated from the layer by a cavity. ADVANTAGE - Does not have to be used only in south-facing orientations.