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Simultaneous conversion of glucose/fructose mixtures in a membrane reactor.

Simultane Umwandlung von Glucose/Fructose-Gemischen in einem Membranreaktor
: Chmiel, H.; Gottlob, A.; Howaldt, M.; Kulbe, K.-D.

Enzyme engineering, 9
1989 (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 542)
S.400- 405 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
Aufsatz in Buch
Fraunhofer IGB ()
Gekoppeltes Enzymsystem; Membranreaktor

Starting from renewable resources such as starch or sucrose, glucose and fructose are cheap substrates. They can be converted simultaneously to the higher valued products, gluconic acid and mannitol, by the coupled enzyme system of Glucose-Dehydrogenase (GDH) and Mannitol-Dehydrogenase (MDH). The coenzyme has to be supplied only in catalytic amounts because it is regenerated continuously during the reaction. The kinetics of each enzyme is described adequately by an extended Michaelis-Menten-type equation, which takes into account the effects of substrate and product inhibition.