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Simultane Fabrikgestaltung

Simultaneous Factory Design
: Kühnle, H.

WT. Werkstattstechnik 89 (1999), Nr.1/2, S.13-17
ISSN: 0340-4544
Fraunhofer IFF ()
model system; Planungsprojekte; virtuelle Realität

A production system is a complex system, that can be planned and optimized only by use of a number of simplifying models. Manufacturing research has provided a number of models, dealing with the manufacturing system that are employed for different items. So far planning procedures detailing rough information are prevailing, which implicates sequential planning. Improving possibilities of information technology, including visualization techniques permit parallel planning procedures applying several models simultaneously. By these means complete new quality of planning processes where larger expert teams can be involved in shorter terms. The model supplied an independent and constitute a model system. All models can be positioned in a portfolio indicating the application result and parametrical interactions. Many planning projects have shown, that a given implication model concerning objects, planning parameters and planning items is advantageous. Otherwise long discussions about possibl e differences on significantly improving results. Planning time for a factory can be reduced by more than a half, compared to conventional planning. Additionally early tuning of aggregates and objects will reduce cost by at least 40%. But not only the planning process but also later operation of the facilities can be continuously optimized, using these tools as the proposed model system can used for planning as well as operating manufacturing facilities.