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Simulation of product development processes

Simulation von Produktentwicklungsprozessen
: Krause, F.-L.; Raupach, C.

First International Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 1998
Lausanne, 1998
International Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems <1, 1998, Lausanne>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
business process; Geschäftsprozeß; Optimierung; optimization; product development process; Produktentwicklungsprozeß; re-engineering; simulation

In order to achieve fast and efficient product development a lot of supporting tools have been developed in recent years. Tools to support collaborative work and virtual prototyping can be used optimally only if the underlying processes are restructured according to the functionality of the tools. Therefore the planning of product development processes considering the possibilities of the CA-systems becomes crucial for manufacturing industries. However, there are only a few systems to support the planning and validation of future product development processes. This paper describes a simulation system for a process oriented analysis of existing and planned product development processes. These processes have certain characteristics not to be found in other business processes, e.g. iterative loops, data and information management as well as uncertainty about the precise conduction of the processes. Taking these aspects into account the presented simulation system supports improvement effo rts and reengineering by analysing the existing processes and verifying planned processes both in early stages using a rough description and in later stages using a detailed product development process plan.