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Simulating micro-electromechanical systems

: Pelz, G.; Bielefeld, J.; Zappe, F.-J.; Zimmer, G.


IEEE circuits and devices magazine 11 (1995), Nr.2, S.10-13
ISSN: 8755-3996
Fraunhofer IMS ()
Mikrosystemtechnik; Modelluntersuchung; simulation

Modeling micro-electronicmechanical devices with a system of algeraic and non-linear (partial) differential equations, as opposed to ordinary differential equations, simplifies the simulation process and eliminates simulator coupling problems. In this article, we automate the modeling of mechanical parts with electronic devices using MeXeL, which translates the system of equations to Spice-3-netlists. In this way, difficulties caused by coupling different simulators are eliminated. Here, we show the suitability of such a method by dynamically simulating a deformable mirror device (DMD) and its controlling circuit.