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A simple yet powerful application programming interface for an object-oriented database system

Eine einfache aber mächtige Programmierschnittstelle für ein objektorientiertes Datenbanksystem
: Neuhaus, J.; Huynh, Q.D.; Wu, X.

Revell, N.; Tjoa, A.M.:
Database and Expert Systems Applications '95. Workshop Proceedings
ISBN: 3-901653-00-7
Database and Expert Systems Applications <6, 1995, London>
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application programming interface; eingebettete Sprachen; embedded languages; EQL-C; object-orientation; Objektorientierung; OODBMS; Programmierschnittstelle

This paper presents the application programming interface EQL-C used in the objectoriented database system InORM, which is based on a relation-object model. This interface takes a procedural approach and allows the statements of the InORM database language EQL to be embedded in C programs. As this Interface is simple to use, it shows its power by supporting object-oriented computing in an application program. Persistent objects are accessed and manipulated in much the same way as volatile objects.