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Siliziumnitridsinterkoerper mit modifizierter Oberflaeche und Verfahren zur Herstellung dieser modifizierten Oberflaeche

Silicon nitride sintered compacts with modified surface and process for producing the modified surface
: Herrmann, M.; Taut, C.; Thiele, P.; Geyer, L.

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DE 1991-4141365 A: 19911214
DE 1991-4141365 A: 19911214
DE 4141365 A1: 19930617
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The invention relates to the field of design ceramics and refers to silicon nitride sintered compacts with modified surface which find their application, for example, in aerospace or in mechanical engineering as wear parts. The invention is based on the problem that the high-temperature oxidation resistance of the ceramics cannot be reached using known processes in the desired mass. The problem is solved according to the invention by the fact that the surface of the silicon nitride sintered compact is coated with a noble metal layer <= 1 m thick and that this noble metal layer is applied by means of an ion beam protected process.