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Advanced Sensor Control - Robot Learns Cutting Loin

: Warnecke, H.-J.; Lay, N.

European Commission, FAIR RTD Programme; European Commission, Meat Automation Concerted Action:
Future Automation for Meat Processing 1998
England: AFTS, 1998
Vortrag 4
International Workshop on Future Automation for Meat Processing <1, 1998, Frankfurt>
Internationale Fleischwirtschaftliche Fachmesse <1998, Frankfurt/Main>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Entbeinprozeß; Fleischschneideprozeß; Fleischwirtschaft; Fuzzy control; Kotelett; Roboter; Schneiden; sensor; Steuerung

At the Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart, a new approach for introducing robot technology in abattoirs has been made by providing a developing platform for meat cutting processes. The application of deboning pork loin has been encouraged by a study initiated by the Swedish Meat Research Institute. A standard SCARA-robot has been equipped with a hydraulic oscillating knife combined with a force sensor and a vision system. For fixing the loin and turning it for the cuts along the ribs and spinous processes a device was developed and realised. The system is completed by a blade changing and a sharpening device. The vision system is used for detecting the contour of the loin and defining the beginning of the cut. Since the interaction of the three force components is relevant for cutting speed and the orientation of the knife a fuzzy logic force-control has been developed and implemented enabling the robot to find the optimal cutting path along the bones for each individual loin. The system was de signed applying advanced simulation with Virtual Reality which was also used for improving the fuzzy logic control. This system offers industrial partners a test bed for meat cutting applications.