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Advanced robot control systems

: Surdilovic, D.; Duelen, G.; Münch, H.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Manufacturing Systems and Environment - Looking toward the 21st Century
International Conference on Manufacturing Systems and Environment <1990, Tokyo>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
co-operating robot; force control; hybrid position; optimal motion planning; robot control

This paper presents an advanced robot control system which is currently under development at the Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK). This general purpose system attempts to provide a basic hard-and software frame for the integration of avariety of advanced control techniques and concepts. Its architecture is designed similar to those developed by NASA and NBS. Different levels of this framework incorporate the theoretical and practical experiances gained at the IPK during years of development of industrial control systems and other investigations related to advanced control in the fields of: Off-line programming, trajectory planning, sensor guided process control, cooperating robots, control of redundant robotic systems and hybride forceposition/control.