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Sichere Identifikation mit Vorauswahl und Rueckweisungsklasse

Object or person classification method using image data or speech signals - applying indeterminate preselection to necessary information in several classes, and performing identification on sufficient information region to firm up indeterminate preselection with respect to actual target class.
: Plankensteiner, P.; Dieckmann, U.

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DE 1997-19709819 A1: 19970310
DE 1997-19746077 A: 19971017
DE 19746077 A1: 19980917
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The method involves classifying pattern, i.e. objects and dividing the information content of a pattern into two information regions. The first region contains necessary information and the second sufficient information. The necessary information region is subjected to an indeterminate preselection applied to several, but a strictly limited number of, classes. An identification is performed using the sufficient information region to firm up the indeterminate preselection with respect to an actual target class. USE - E.g. for industrial production, biometry person recognition, medical image processing. ADVANTAGE - Provides better quality of classification, e.g. by using new classifiers or new classification sets.