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Sensors for the object detection in environments with high heat radiation and photoresist or diffuse visibility conditions

: Schraft, R.D.; Rust, H.; Gehringer, H.

Corke, P.; Trevelyan, J.P.:
Experimental Robotics VI
London u.a.: Springer, 1999 (Lectures Notes in Control and Information Sciences 250)
ISBN: 1-85233-210-7
International Symposium on Experimental Robotics <6, 1999, Sydney>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Autonome mobile roboter; autonomous mobile robot; Brandschutz; Feuer; Fire Fighting Robot; Löschen; Löschroboter; mobile robot; Roboter; sensor; Teleoperation

An application for teleoperated fire fighting shall be equipped with a sensor system which offers the operator the required data of the robot's environment so that he is able to guide and control it safely. The environmental perception is based on a sensor for two-dimensional pictures and a sensor for the measurement of the one-dimensional depth. In several live tests a number of sensors were investigated and their data were analysed. Suitable sensors were chosen according to the criteria evaluating the overall quality of sensor data acquisition and integrated in a sensor system for the robot.