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Sensor zum nichtinvasiven und kontinuierlichen Erfassen der arteriellen Pulswellenlaufzeit

Sensor for non-invasive and continuous detection of arterial pulse wave delay esp in human arteria radialis, for blood pressure measurement - has two piezoelectric pressure sensors spaced apart in arterial direction over artery.
: Biehl, M.; Kiefer, S.

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DE 1995-19542019 A: 19951110
DE 1995-19542019 A: 19951110
EP 1996-945523 A: 19961023
WO 1996-DE2010 W: 19961023
DE 19542019 C1: 19970306
EP 859569 A: 19980826
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The sensor has at least two piezoelectric pressure sensors (2) spaced apart from each other and arranged one after another in the arterial direction. The pressure sensors (2) has a pressure sensitive, strip type surface. The surfaces of each sensor (2) are arranged such that their longitudinal extension is perpendicular to the arterial direction. A housing (1) is provided. This has at least two recesses shaped to match the contour of the strip type surfaces. The pressure sensitive surfaces of the pressure sensors (2) bound to the housing surface are arranged in the recesses. Preferably the housing (1) is metallic. The pressure sensitive surfaces of the sensors (2) may have a strip width which is smaller than the distance between the sensors. E.g. the distance between the sensors (2) may be 1 cm and the width of their strip surfaces may be 1 mm. ADVANTAGE - For accurate non-invasive blood pressure measurement without resorting to compression cuffs. Is small and compact and can be combin ed with a wrist watch.