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Adsorptionsversuche als Beitrag zum Verständnis molekularer Wechselwirkungen bei der Adhäsion

: Gerlach, B.; Stohrer, W.-D.; Groß, A.

EURADH '92. Tagungsband
EURADH <1992, Karlsruhe>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
anodisierte Aluminiumoberfläche; anodized aluminium; chelat complex; Chelatbindung; DRIFT-Technik; DRIFT-technique; infraredspectroscopy; Infrarotspektroskopie; model compound; Modellsubstanz; physical bonding; physikalische Bindung

The surface infrared spectroscopy with the help of the DRIFT-technique has proved its suitability to investigate on the bonding conditions of adsorbing substances at aluminium oxide surfaces. However, there has been restrictions for the analytically important NH-, OH- and CO-strechting vibrations e.g. due to the comparably small measuring range (1200 - 1800 cm high1). But all the same it has been possible to deductivly infer the presence of the chelate structures formulated from the changed vibrational properties of the compounds. Anodized aluminium surfaces obviously are chemically reactive. DRIFT-surface measurement indicate that organic compounds which have two functional groups in a definite relative structure are chemisorbed by the surfaces. Chemisorption in many cases can take place with deformation of coordinative bonds, similarly to a chelate complex. With the help of model compounds it has been shown that the formation of these comparably stable compounds could be one of the r easons for the adhesion capacity between the surface and the adhesive in an adhesive bond.