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Adsorption behaviour of a prepolymer on aluminium and silicon.

Adsorptionsverhalten eines Prepolymers auf Aluminium und Silicium
: Hartwig, A.; Zha, Z.; Possart, W.; Hennemann, O.-D.

Societe Francaise du Vide -SFV-, Paris; Institute of Materials, London:
EURADH '94. European Adhesion Conference. Proceedings : 12 - 15 September 1994 - Mulhouse, France; Preprints
Frankfurt/Main: DECHEMA, 1994 (Le Vide, Les Couches Minces 272, Suppl.)
European Adhesion Conference <1994, Mulhouse>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
Fraunhofer IZM, Einrichtung Polymermaterialien und Composite ( Fraunhofer EPC) ()
adsorption; aluminium; Beschichtung; coating; cyanate; dip coating; Dünnschicht; prepolymer; silicium; silicon; thin films

The preparation of thin layers of a prepolymer containing cyanate and triazine groups by dip-coating is described. The substrates are silicon and aluminium covered with their native oxide layer. The influence of immersion time, concentration, temperature and dip-speed on the thickness of the layer formed on the substrate was examined.