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Self-consistent Monte Carlo particle modelling of small semiconductor elements.

Modellierung von kleinen Halbleiterbauelementen mittels der selbstkonsistenten Monte-Carlo-Teilchen Methode
: Moglestue, C.


Reports on Progress in Physics 53 (1990), S.1333-1353 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0034-4885
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Feldeffekttransistor; field-effect transistors; gallium arsenide; Monte Carlo methods; simulation; transport theory; Transporttheorie

A self-consistent Monte Carlo particle model aimed at a profound physical understanding of small semiconductor components of arbitrary geometries is presented. The simulation technique consists briefly of following the transport histories of individual charge carries in detail. After a discussion of the stochastic distribution of the time of free flight, the scattering mechanisms and the scattering angles of the particles, a brief review of the relevant semiconductor is given. As an example to illustrate the salient points of the technique, the results of simulating a GaAs field-effect transistor will be discussed. The presentation of the transistor characteristics is used to establish a link between theoretical physics and the view of the electrical engineer. A short discussion of statistical phenomena such as noise, negative differential resistivity and substrate currents has also been included.