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Selected aspects of (future) developments in polymer engineering. Pt.2

Ausgewählte Gesichtspunkte der zukünftigen Entwicklung in der Polymertechnik. Pt.2
: Eyerer, P.

Journal of Polymer Engineering 15 (1995), Nr.3/4, S.197-220
ISSN: 0334-6447
Fraunhofer ICT ()
ecological development; emission; future development; life cycle analysis; long-term research; material cycling; polymer engineering; seperation techniques

We must reach production faster. Resarch and development must be consistently oriented towards application.An appropriate balance must be struck between pure basic research, application-oriented basic research and practical developments. An employee ratio of 1:10:100 for basic research:development:production has proved succesful. The great potential for research and development in Germany must be better utilized.Much can be achieved by closer and more intensive cooperation between all parties involved in the innovation process : the economy, science and politics.