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Screening of the Degradation of Plastic Material in a Composting Medium

Bewertung des Abbaus von Kunststoff-Materialien bei der Kompostierung
: Pfeil, A.

Krause, H.H.; Penninger, J.M.L.:
Conversion of Polymer Wastes and Energetics
Toronto-Scarborough: ChemTec Publishing, 1994
ISBN: 1-895198-06-2
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biodegradation; composting; decomposition; degradation; plastics; polymer; waste

As an alternative in polymer waste utilization, the biodegradation of plastic waste is increasingly under discussion. This concept depends on the polymer degradation by the action of micro-organisms. Focus of attention is the ability of the waste materials to be sufficiently degradable when exposed to the biological attack. A major subject of discussion is thus is a behavior of the polymeric materials in an aerobic and unaerobic medium and how to assess the biodegradation. The following article describes a screening test for the degradability of polymers and plastic materials and recording the degradation history.