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Oscillator circuit for GHz range - has tuned amplifiers with associated resonance filters coupled together via resonance capacitor network..
: Wang, Z.-G.; Thiede, A.

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DE 1997-19715005 A: 19970411
DE 1997-19715005 A: 19970411
DE 19715005 C1: 19980702
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The oscillator circuit has a pair of tuned amplifiers (1,2) coupled in a ring via resonance filters (5,12) and coupled together via a resonance capacitor network (18). The centre frequency of the oscillator circuit is determined via the voltages coupled to its input voltage terminals (9,21). The tuned amplifiers may be coupled to respective output amplifiers (22,23), which are coupled together via an output capacitance network (32). The outputs (35,36,37,38) of the output amplifiers provide partial signals with a phase offset of 180 degrees. Each tuned filter includes a passive resonant circuit with a capacitance. USE - For tunable oscillator operating in GHz range. ADVANTAGE - Provides narrow band signal of relatively large amplitude at high oscillation frequencies.