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Schutzeinrichtung gegen Wucht- und Hohlladungsgeschosse

Armour plating against hollow charge and kinetic rounds - has layer of foam material fitted to armour containing evenly distributed explosive material to break up shot on impact.
: Schedlbauer, F.; Schubert, H.

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DE 1983-3313208 A: 19830413
DE 1983-3313208 A: 19830413
DE 3313208 C1: 19981001
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The protective armour material, against penetration by solid and hollow charge shot, is a layer containing an evenly distributed explosive fitted to the existing armour. The layer material is an inert porous material and/or an explosive porous material. The inert material is of foamed polymers such as polyolefins, polybutadiene or polyurethane. The explosive material is a bonding agent containing a nitro group such as nitropolymers, or bonding agents with a nitrate content such as nitrocellulose or polyvinyl nitrate. It also contains plasticising agents such as nitroglycerin, or diglycoldinitrate. Additives to generate a gas can also be included such as a guanidine derivative, aliphatic or aromatic amine, heterocyclic hydrocarbon with a nitrogen content, carbonate or oxal acid derivatives. A less sensitive explosive agent can be used such as ammonium nitrate, methylammonium nitrate, nitroguanidine, and the like. A high explosive can be used solely, or with other materials, such as pent aerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) nitramine, such as hexogen and/or octogen, layered in the binder matrix. The explosive is in a crystalline and granular form. USE/ADVANTAGE - The material is for protection of vehicles against attack by solid and hollow charge shot. The explosive is triggered by the impact of the incoming shot to break it up and prevent penetration by the plasma jet from a hollow charge shot, using a low vol. of explosive material.