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Schrittweise Automatisierung durch hybride Montagesysteme

Gradual automation by means of hybrid assembly systems
: Barbey, J.; Seliger, G.

ZWF CIM 87 (1992), Nr.1, S.8-13
ISSN: 0932-0482
Fraunhofer IPK ()
ergonomische Betriebsmittelgestaltung; Gruppenarbeit; hybrides Montagesystem; Integration indirekter Tätigkeit; Mitarbeiterqualifizierung; modulares Montagesystem; montagegerechte Produktgestaltung; Referenzvorranggraph; Risiko technikorientierter Arbeitssystemgestaltung; schrittweise Montageautomatisierung

Due to the international competition, a company from Berlin was confronted with the necessity of putting new products on the market in a shorter time. In order to realize the productivity potential in assembly, a new organizational concept was developed. This concept involves partially autonomous team work with integrated indirect activities and disposition margins for the shopfloor level. First experiences show that the staff is very committed to the support of the concept. At present the transferability of the assembly concept to an East German plant of the company is being investigated.