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Schnell härtende Beschichtungen für elektronische Anwendungen

: Amberg-Schwab, S.; Popall, M.; Schulz, J.; Wolter, H.

Deutscher Verband für Schweißtechnik e.V. -DVS-, Düsseldorf:
Verbindungstechnik in der Elektronik. Vorträge und Poster-Beiträge des 6. Internationalen Kolloquiums
Düsseldorf: DVS-Verlag, 1992 (DVS Berichte 141)
ISBN: 3-87155-446-4
Internationales Kolloquium "Verbindungstechnik in der Elektronik" <6, 1992, Fellbach>
Fraunhofer ISC ()
acrylate; inorganic-organic copolymer; oligo-acrylate; ORMOCERs; sol-gel

Inorganic-organic copolymers synthesized by sol-gel processing are developed for interconnection technologies and metal core circuit boards. Some electronic applications require rapidly curable (photo or thermally initiated) systems machinable by standard techniques. Sometimes those systems additionally should possess high mechanical stability compared to commercially available polymers, and the ability of being patterned by radiation. Such properties are archieved by incorporation of reactice organic units based on novel Si-bonded oligo acrylates. First results concerning preparation and material properties will be discussed.