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Cutting tool for producing a test cut
: Garreis, F.; Herold, K.

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DE 1994-4401830 A: 19940122
DE 1994-4401830 A: 19940122
DE 4401830 C1: 19950518
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a cutting tool for producing a test cut in workpieces in panel or strip form, in particular on sheet, whereby the tool has a first cut and a second cut which is movable past the first cut to form a cutting gap. The purpose of invention is to create a cutting tool which permits the generation of a test cut using a single cutting operation, permitting an assessment of several parameters of the cuttability of the workpiece such as the achievable cut edge quality, the occurrence of cutting burr and the optimum cutting gap width to be selected. The invention achieves this by the fact that the cuts (6,11) are arranged at an angle () in such a way that a wedge-shaped cutting gap (u) is formed.