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Schneidwerkzeug fuer die Zerlegung von Fleischprodukten

Electronically controlled butchering machine - has quick blade-change and blade holder assembly, minimising cost of skilled manual labour.
: Lay, N.

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DE 1996-19650254 A: 19961204
DE 1996-19650254 A: 19961204
DE 19650254 C1: 19980305
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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An electronically-controlled meat butchering machine has a quick-change cutting tool in a grip at the end of a manipularot arm. The blade (6) and holder are powered by a drive unit linked to a moment sensor measuring device (3), The blade is also linked to a blade-changer unit attached to the drive (5). The novelty is that: (a) a turning unit (4) is incorporated between the power sensor (3) and the blade (6) drive (5); (b) the turning unit (4) is a passive following device; (c) the turning unit (4) extended axis of rotation (8) runs outside of the blade centre towards the blade (6) cutting edge (9); (d) the blade-changing unit (10) consists of two or more blade-holders (11); (e) each blade holder (11) is positioned facing a cutter-arrester system (12); (f) the blade-holder (11) can be moved with respect to the cutter-arrester system (12); (g) each blade-holder (11) is connected to a blade cleaning system; (h) each blade holder may be linked to a blade sharpener. USE- The machine contin ues meat butchering operations with the installed blade, while the previously-used blade is being sharpened and cleaned. ADVANTAGE - The degree of manual intervention and associated labour costs of skilled butchers is minimised. Blades can be changed at frequent intervals, maximising output and quality of the cutting operation.