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Adhäsion zwischen Polymer und Metall oder Halbleiter. Beobachtungen mit spektroskopischen Methoden

: Possart, W.; Dieckhoff, S.

Schindel-Bidinelli, E. ; SWIBOTECH GmbH, Bülach:
Swissbonding '96. Tagungsband. Kleben, Grundlagen, Technologie, Anwendung
Mülheim: Print-Service, 1996
Swissbonding <10, 1996, Rapperswil>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
Adhäsion; adhesion; Cyanurat; cyanurate prepolymer; electron spectroscopy; Elektronenspektroskopie; infrared spectroscopy; Infrarotspektroskopie; IR; molecular interaction; molecular orientation; Molekülorientierung; Molekülwechselwirkung; Silizium; XPS

Spectroscopic methods have been well proved as versatile tools for characterizing the bulk properties of materials. However, the successful exploitation of their potential in adhesion science depends on access to the interphase between polymer and substrate in the measurement. The paper describes several suitable special techniques of the electron and the infrared spectroscopies in general terms. Experimental results are presented for both model compounds and prepolymers containing triazin rings and/or cyanate groups. The data illustrate the scope of information that is obtainabie nowadays. With that stage of research in mind some aspects of a model for the interphase are discussed and open questions are deduced.