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Sound screen or noise barrier for noisy machinery, streets, railway, etc. - comprises connectable flexible envelopes that can be inflated or filled with liquid to form self-supporting wall-shaped structure.
: Mehra, S.R.; Scholl, W.; Weber, L.

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DE 1996-19652871 A: 19961218
DE 1996-19652871 A: 19961218
DE 19652871 C2: 19990121
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The sound screen has a sound-absorbing construction (1,4) and can be erected next to or around a source of noise. The construction is formed as an envelope that can be filled with a gaseous or liquid medium. The envelope is formed of a flexible material and when filled takes up a self-supporting shape, which has at least two walls that face one another. The envelope may be formed of transparent film or of fabric with an airtight coating, and have at least one inlet or outlet valve. Several envelope constructions can be connected together using hook and loop fastenings, a sliding clasp fastener, press studs, double-sided adhesive tape or positively fitting connections (3), to form a larger screen. ADVANTAGE - Flexible design can be arranged in desired form to fit geometry of noise source or room. Screen can be quickly erected and removed and can be emptied for ease of transport.