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Schallisolierung fuer Behaelter, Apparate und Rohrleitungen

Sound insulation for containers, apparatus and pipelines
: Eckoldt, D.

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DE 1991-4103895 A: 19910208
DE 1991-4103895 A: 19910208
EP 1992-101320 A: 19920131
DE 4103895 C2: 19930415
EP 498261 B1: 19970730
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The invention relates to a sound insultaion for vessels, apparatus and pipelines, whereby the insulation effect is obtained by fitting spacers between said objects and an outer wall and a porous absorber, e.g. mineral wool, is inserted in the cavity, whereby an intermeidate wall is arranged as sound insulation in front of the outer wall having the thickness of about half that of the outer wall and a spacing to said outer wall of about 0.5 mm.