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Noise-damping wall-mounted component
: Ackermann, U.; Jacobs, A.; Rambausek, N.; Wieland, H.; Fuchs, H.V.

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DE 1988-3807128 A: 19880304
DE 1988-3807128 A: 19880304
DE 3807128 A1: 19890914
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Noise-damping wall element for damping pressure waves propagating in the flow medium in flow medium ducts, said wall element consisting of chambers formed by cavities, closed on one side by a cover membrane which can be excited by vibrations in the audible frequency range, whereby a perforated membrane designed with a perforation is provided inside the chamber and located at a short distance to the cover membrane, together forming a membrane absorber, whereby at least one side of the chambers are partially shaped as a supporting wall and the cover membrane being shaped as the flow boundary of a flow machine transporting the flow medium.