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Sound absorber, for suspension from ceiling - comprises micro-perforated foils or thin sheets.
: Fuchs, H.V.; Zha, X.

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DE 1997-19754107 A: 19971205
DE 1997-19754107 A: 19971205
DE 19754107 C1: 19990225
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Sound absorber comprises micro-perforated foils or thin sheets positioned in any desired relationship to one another and suspended vertically or at an angle from a room ceiling. Preferably, the foils or sheets comprises plastic (e.g. polyester), metal (e.g. copper, iron, steel, zinc or aluminium) or wood and have dimensions of 0.05-10 mm thickness, 10-200 cm width and 30-300 cm length. Also claimed is a sound absorber having a size corresponding to at least 15% of the room plan area. USE - Used as a sound absorber for suspension e.g. from a hall ceiling. ADVANTAGE - Compared with resonator type sound absorbers, the sound absorber is less expensive to produce, is easier to clean, has low space requirement and weight and avoids condensation problems.