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Suction fan
: Gertis, K.

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DE 1994-4435403 A: 19941004
DE 1994-4435403 A: 19941004
DE 4435403 C2: 19960801
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On a roof (3) of a building (1) there is a skylight turret (4) with an interior space (5). The top of the skylight turret (4) is terminated by a lean-to roof (8) in which a glass panel (9) is built. Below the glass panel (9) is a heating panel (11). As a result of the glasshouse effect, the heating panel (11) is heated by the sun's rays. The heating panel (11) heats the air in the interior space (5) of the skylight turret (4). Since there are outlet openings (7) formed at a height on the skylight turret (4), said height being greater than the height of the inlet openings (6) on the skylight turret, the heated, rising room air is conveyed from the inlet openings (6) to the outlet openings (7).