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Safety consideration for ion implanters.

Sicherheitsaspekte für Ionenimplanter
: Hamers, P.; Ryssel, H.

Ziegler, J.F.:
Ion Implantation and Technology. 3.ed
Boston: Academic Press, 1988
S.415 ff
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Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
Halbleiterfertigungsgerät; Halbleitertechnologie; Ionenimplantation; Sicherheit

Ion implantation has become the most important doping technique for semiconductor devices in recent years. Ion implanters have changed from complicated experimental equipment to computer-controlled, automated machines. Nonetheless, implanters are still dangerous unless they are designed and operated properly. The main hazards result from high voltages, x-rays, and from toxic chemicals necessary to produce the desired ions. In general, with the increasing need for high-throughput implanters, current have increased, as have too the throughputs of poisonous gases. Modern accelerators are equipped with interlocks to protect the operator from harm. However, old accelerators do not have such equipment, and any interlock can be bypassed. In this paper, the hazards typical for implanters will be discussed. (AIS-B)