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Rotierender Zylinder mit vermiedenen Momenten

Rotating cylinder for laser surface machining device.
: Weiss, H.

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DE 1997-19750577 A: 19971116
DE 1997-19750577 A: 19971116
DE 19750577 C1: 19990617
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NOVELTY - The rotating cylinder (1) has a main inertia axis at a slight angle to the symmetry axis obtained by removing or adding a small mass defined in terms of this angle, the overall mass of the rotating cylinder, the radius of the rotating cylinder, the half height of the rotating cylinder and the coordinates of the point (3) at which the mass is removed or added. USE - The rotating cylinder is used in a beam forming element for a laser machining device for a workpiece surface. ADVANTAGE - The rotating cylinder provides a reduced moment for the overall centrifugal force distribution. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) - The figure shows a circular disc with a reduced centrifugal force distribution moment. Rotating cylinder 1 Point for removal or addition of mass 3