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The role of powder homogenization techniques in the fabrication of zirconia-toughened alumina

: Kosmac, T.; Krell, A.

Powder metallurgy international 25 (1993), Nr.5, S.229-232
ISSN: 0048-5012
ISSN: 0048-5020
ISSN: 0020-5012
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Homogenität; homogenity; Mahlkörperabrieb; martensitic transformation; martensitische Transformation; mechanical property; mechanische Eigenschaft; Mischmahlung; powder mixing; wear of grinding media; ZrO2-toughened Al2O3; ZrO2-verstärktes Al2O3

Starting with conventionally produced commercial alumina and zirconia powders, different attrition milling procedures result in as-sintered materials with rather different microstructures but comparable strength. Use of alumina and zirconia (Y-TZP) grinding balls during attrition necessitated different homogenization times and resulted in different microstructures for the same sintering program. This was a consequence of the extensive wear of both types of grinding balls during attrition. The wear significantly altered the concentration of alumina, unstabilized zirconia, yttria-stabilized zirconia and silica in the ground powder used for subsequent production.