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Robotersystem zur Manipulation und/oder raeumlichen Handhabung von Objekten

Robotic system for automatically manipulating small objects - has piezoelectric actuator driving transport unit which moves perpendicularly to actuator direction.
: Barth, O.

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DE 1997-19717142 A: 19970423
DE 1997-19717142 A: 19970423
DE 19717142 A1: 19981029
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The robotic manipulator has an electrically activated actuator, moveable along one axis, angularly abutting a carriage which is constrained to move at right angles to the actuator axis. A piezo-electric actuator (1), driven by a variable high voltage power source (2) advances a head section which is constrained (4) to move along an axis (x) and contacts, through a linear ball bearing 5), a holding unit (6) for the object which has an amplified movement at right angles (y) to the actuator axis depending on the angle of contact ( alpha ). Actuators may be used in other directions to increase the degrees of movement an pairs of piezo-electric elements may be used to hold the objects. USE - For spatial manipulation of small objects in medical, biological, precision mechanical or optical applications. ADVANTAGE - Precision of movement is improved simply and cheaply.