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Roboter machen Druck. Neues High-Tech-Werkzeug für die flexible Montage von Blechteilen

Powerful robots with new high-tech tool for flexible jointing of sheets
: Wößner, J.F.

Blech Rohre Profile 39 (1992), Nr.10, S.802-804
ISSN: 0006-4688
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Blech; Druckfügen; Fügen; Industrieroboter; Montage; Werkzeug

Due to rationalization tendencies in the sheet fabricating industry new economic jointing methods gain more and more in importance. Now a robot-applicable, freely programmable tool is presented for press-jointing. With this tool the required joining-forces can be achieved. The bending up of the gripper fingers, which can not be avoided, is compensated for by a special construction. The specific jointing tools are changed automatically. The control system of the press jointing tongs can be connected with every industrial robot control. For each jointing point an online quality control is carried out.