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A Robot System for Automatic Fuel Refilling


Italian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association; Italian Society for Industrial Robots; International Federation of Robotics:
27th International Symposium on Industrial Robots 1996 : 6. - 8.10. 1996, Milano
Mailand, 1996
International Symposium on Industrial Robots <27, 1996, Mailand>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Automatic fuel refilling; Roboter; Robottanken; Tankanlage; Tankroboter; Tankstelle

The way to the first fully functional robot capable of refueling a large variety of car types is outlined. The complexity of the development task requires both appropriate tools for a task based design of service robot systems which is briefly described and applied to the system layout and architecture specification of the refueling robot. Specific key functionality had to be developed to meet the system's requirements such as vehicle identification and localization, an endeeffector with integrated docking sensors and measures for personal safety and protection. The prototype installation at Fraunhofer IPA has undergone thorough tests and is currently being redesigned before entering public field tests. Refueling by robot is both technologically ambitious and publicly attractive and may have a pioneering significance for future service robot applications.