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Reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic determination with photodiode-array detection of nitroaromatics from former ammunition plants in surface waters

: Feltes, J.; Levsen, K.

HRC : Journal of high resolution chromatography 12 (1989), Nr.9, S.613-616
ISSN: 0935-6304
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
chromatography; HPLC; nitroaromatic; nitrotoluene; photodiode array detection; toluene; water

Samples containing nitroaromatics have been taken from brooks and ponds in former ammunition production areas in Hessia (FRG) and Lower Saxony (FRG). The compounds were extracted by solid/liquid partition using Amberlite XAD 2/4/8 resins and elution with dichloromethane. The samples were analyzed by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography and detected at their optimum wavelength with a photodiode-array detector. The resulting UV-spectra and the retention times were compared with those of reference materials to identify the unknown compounds. The recoveries ranged from 85-105%. The detection limit for the method was at about 50 ng/l depending on the compound while the detection limit for the detector ranged from 0.9-1.4 ng. Mononitrotoluidines, have been identified in concentrations ranging from 0.1-20 myg/l.