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Restoration of teeth by geometrically deformable models

: Gürke, S.

Girod, B.; Niemann, H.; Seidel, H.-P.:
3D Image Analysis and Synthesis '97. Proceedings
Sankt Augustin: Infix, 1997
ISBN: 3-89601-007-7
Conference 3D Image Analysis and Synthesis <1997, Erlangen>
Graduiertenkolleg 3D-Bildanalye und -synthese <1997, Erlangen>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D reconstruction; Computer Aided Design (CAD); CIM; medical imaging; model-based reconstruction; model-based segmentation; tooth restoration

Modeling of the occlusal surface of teeth is an important problem in computer-aided design of dental restorations. The designed shape must fit the existing individual anatomy of the patient. Also, the design process must be fast to be practical in clinical applications. In this paper we present a technique for automatic adaption of the occlusal surface for the restoration of teeth based on geometrically deformable models. We gneralize the concept of geometrically deformable models by introducing free function assignment in the control points. The occlusal part of the inlay will be detected automatically during the adaption process of the model.