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Responses of spruce trees -Picea Abies L.Karst- to fumigation with halone 1211 - first results of a pilot study

: Debus, R.; Schröder, P.

American Society for Testing and Materials -ASTM-, Philadelphia/Pa.:
Plant for toxicity assessment. Vol.2
Philadephia/Pa., 1991 (ASTM STP 1115)
ISSN: 0066-0558
S.258-266 : Abb.,Tab.
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Fraunhofer IUCT ( IME) ()
Begasung; Bromchlordifluormethan; difluoro-chloro-bromo-methane; Fichte; fumigation; Glutathion-S-Transferase; Halon 1211; Picea abies; spruce

Fumigation experiments with young cloned spruce trees were performed in a pilot study to test the trees ability to react to pollutant impact. After 41 days of exposure to 10-ppb Halone 1211 (difluoro-chloro-bromo- methane), changes in needle fresh weight, protein content, and pigment pattern were observed compared to a control fumigation with purified air. These changes, however, seemed nonspecific reactions to a pollutant climate because they were also obtained after fumigation with nitrogen dioxide (NOsub2). Only in the halone-fumigated trees was up to fourfold increases of the activity of glutathione-S-transferase, a constitutive detoxification enzyme in spruce observed. The significance of this reaction for biomonitoring of halogenated compounds is discussed.