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Resonant quenching of exciton photoluminescence in coupled GaAs/AlAs quantum wells - effect of exciton binding energy.

Resonante Auslöschung der Exziton-Photolumineszenz in gekoppelten GaAs/AlAs QW's - Auswirkung der Exzitonenbindungsenergie
: Schneider, H.; Wagner, J.; Ploog, K.


Solid-State Electronics 37 (1994), Nr.4-6, S.881-884
ISSN: 0038-1101
Fraunhofer IAF ()
binding energy; Bindungsenergie; exciton; Exziton; photoluminescence; Photolumineszenz; resonant tunneling; resonantes Tunneln

We have studied the electric field dependence of the photocurrent and of the excitonic photoluminescence (PL) associated with the first and second conduction subbands in weakly coupled GaAs/AlAs quantum wells. Resonant subband alignment between adjacent QWs results in a quenching of the PL intensity from the first subband, an enhancement of the PL from the second subband, and a maximum of the photocurrent. These resonant extrema are observed at slightly different electric fields. We show that this behavior arises from the different binding energies of intra- and inter-well excitons.