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Requirements and Solutions for Order Coordination in Virtual Enterprises

: Dudenhausen, H.-M.; Halmosi, H.; Löffler, B.

Martensson, N.; Mackay, R.; Björgvinsson, S. ; European Commission, Directorate-General for Industry; Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth -NUTEK-:
Changing the Ways we Work. Shaping the ICT-Solutions for the Next Century. Proceedings of the Conference on Integration in Manufacturing
Amsterdam; Berlin: IOS Press, 1998 (Advances in Design and Manufacturing 8)
ISSN: 0926-9622
ISBN: 4-247-90252-8
ISBN: 90-5199-426-5
Conference on Integration in Manufacturing <1998, Göteborg>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Auftragsbearbeitung; Auftragssteuerung; virtuelles Unternehmen

The importance of Virtual Enterprises (VE) is constantly increasing. Despite this development, support of planning and management necessary for the operation of VEs is still insufficient. Current PPC systems are not suited to satisfy the needs of production networks, such as Virtual Enterprises, for they lack the capacity to appropriately support the networking of various manufacturing sites. The planning process in Virtual Enterprises thus becomes less comprehensive and less transparent - poor planning quality is the result. Order co-ordination as a subfunction of production planning and control is particularly subject to the given disadvantages. This article examines the importance of order co-ordination in Virtual Enterprises on which the development of an integrated concept including proactive and reactive planning and control of orders is based.