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Repair of clear X-ray mask defects by laser-induced metal deposition

: Petzold, H.-C.; Putzar, R.; Weigmann, U.; Wilke, I.

Microelectronic engineering 6 (1987), Nr.1-4, S.623-628
ISSN: 0167-9317
Fraunhofer ISIT ()
laser processing; mask repair; Maskenreparatur; metal deposition; Metallabscheidung; Prozeß(laserinduziert); Röntgenmaske; X-ray lithography

The repair of clear defects on X-ray masks requires the deposition of well-loclized high quality films with high aspect ratios. Laser-induced material deposition of heavy metals is one of the alternatives to meet these requirements. Experiments were performed to decide if pyrolytic or photolytic deposition is more favourable for X-ray mask repair. Deposits of various materials (especially of W, Au, And Sn) on Si membranes were investigated with respect to their X-ray opacity. (IMT)