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Removal of surface layers with high power diode lasers

: Rochler, S.

Mordike, B.L.:
ECLAT, European Conference on Laser Treatment of Materials 1998 including contributions to EUREKA research projects on laser beam and optics characterization/CHOCLAB. Papers
Frankfurt: Werkstoff-Informationsgesellschaft, 1998
ISBN: 3-88355-263-1
European Conference on Laser Treatment of Materials (ECLAT) <1998, Hannover>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
Abtragen; Deckschichten; gepulster Hochleistungs-Diodenlaser; laser cleaning; Laserreinigen; Oberflächenschichten; pulsed high power diode laser; removal; surface layers

At Fraunhofer IWS Dresden, a pulsed diode laser is in use, which is distinguished by high power output, small dimensions and portability of its components. The integrated focusing lens provides power densities up to 105 W cm-2. Due to its pulse lengths in the range of some µs this high power diode laser opens a new field of applications to surface cleaning in industry.