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Relationship between packaging machine and packaging material

Beziehungen zwischen Verpackungsmaschine und Verpackungsmaterial
: Schricker, G.

Mathlouthi, M.:
Food packaging and preservation. Theory and practice
London: Elsevier, 1986
ISBN: 0-85334-413-2
International Symposium on Food Packaging "Emballage et Conservation des Produits Alimentaires" <1986, The Hague>
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Maschine; Packmittel; Verpackungsmaschine; Verpackungsmaterial

Sequences of operations on packaging machines can be described as a series of basic operations. Such basic operations are, for instance, the transport of the packaging material through the machine, the moulding of the packaging material to the package, by folding for example, the dosing and filling up of the products to be packed and the closing of the filled package, for instance by heat sealing. There are several characteristic basic operations for every type of packaging machine. The aim is to find out the relevant properties of the packaging materials for the several basic operations and to determine ranges of numerical values for them wherein maximum undisturbed processing is guaranteed. This is demonstrated on the vertical pouch form-fill seal machine. The tightness of the closures, which are mostly attainable by heat sealing in the case of plastic films, laminated material and plastic coated papers, is of great importance for maintaining the quality of the packed product. The quality of the heat-sealed seams depends on temperature, pressure and dwell time at the heat-sealing process on the one hand, and on the sealing procedure and on the construction of the heat sealing devices, especially of the surface profile, on the other hand. It is shown how leakages in heat sealed seams and in packages in general have an effect on the efficiency of moisture-proof, gas and vacuum packages.