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The relation between weld metal microstructure and fracture toughness in C-Mn weldments

: Blauel, J.G.; Burget, W.

Welding Institute -TWI-, Cambridge:
International Conference on Weld Failures '88. Paper No.22 : Preprints
Cambridge, 1988
International Conference on Weld Failures <1988, London>
Fraunhofer IWM ()
fracture toughness; impact toughness; scatter

In the brittle to ductile temperature transition regime fracture mechanics testing of ferritic weld metal from multilayer joints results in a wide scatter of toughness data. Results obtained from impact testing of V-notched and fatigue cracked Charpy-specimens as well as from static fracture toughness tests on small scale specimens show, that scatter of weld metal toughness data is systematic and can be related to material heterogeneity. (IWM)