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Reinigbarer Schalldaempfer (SD) fuer Kanaele fuer tiefe Frequenzen

Cleanable sound absorber for low frequency channels - has perforated pieces connected with chambers of different lengths cleaned by nozzles, with cleaning agent pipes and adjustments.
: Fuchs, H.V.; Brandstaett, P.; Heizmann, M.; Eckoldt, D.; Rambausek, N.

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DE 1996-19612572 A: 19960329
DE 1996-19612572 A: 19960329
EP 1997-104736 A: 19970320
DE 19612572 A1: 19971002
EP 798694 B1: 20030813
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The channel (1) contains perforated pieces (3) of different lengths. These are connected with chambers (4) outside the channel which form sound absorbers. The channels and or pieces are made of sheet metal, plastics, concrete or brick. The chambers can be cleaned periodically or continuously by fixed or movable nozzles (9). The chambers are connected with pipes (8) for cleaning agent via valves or other adjustments (7). ADVANTAGE - The sound absorber contains no acoustically active porous absorption material and is unaffected by dirt.