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Reflow properties of electrodeposited PbSn 95/5 solder bumps for FC-assembly

: Jung, E.; Zakel, E.; Beutler, U.; Klöser, J.; Reichl, H.

International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics -ISHM-:
10th European Microelectronics Conference 1995. Proceedings
Kopenhagen, 1995
ISBN: 87-985510-1-9
European Microelectronics Conference <10, 1995, Kopenhagen>
Fraunhofer IZM ()
activated atmosphere; assembling; electroplated bump; flip-chip devices; flipchip; flux; lead alloys; mechanical bumping; packaging; reflow; reflow soldering; tin alloys

The reflow process of lead tin (PbSn) solder bumps prior to the assembly is of essential importance for the FC-interconnection process. For the reflow of high lead solder bumps containing 95wt per cent Pb the reflow circumstances are significant parameters in order to achieve uniform bump shapes, height and hemispherical surface. As electrodeposited bumps have inclusions consisting of codeposited hydrogen and organics like brighteners, voids can impede this uniform formation. Different reflow processes with and without flux were investigated. Reflowing of the bumps with either an activated atmosphere or within an organic liquid were selected for an optimized reflow process.