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Reflektor fuer elektromagnetische Strahlung

Reflector for electromagnetic radiation
: Schlotter, P.; Schmidt, R.; Baur, G.

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DE 1993-4332042 A: 19930921
DE 1993-4332042 A: 19930921
DE 4332042 C1: 19950330
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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In summary, the invention relates to a reflector for electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths with controllable degree of reflection and/or controllable transmissivity, comprising a first and a second reflection coating and an at least partially transparent non-electron-conducting intermediate coating arranged between the two reflection coatings and for the electromagnetic radiation of wavelength , the thickness of said intermediate coating being /4 or a whole-interger multiple of /4, whereby at least one of the two reflection coatings is at least a partially transparent coating for the electromagnetic radiation of wavelength , and the electrical resistance of the said layer determining its absorptivity and/or reflectivity for electromagnetic radiation of wavelength is electrically controllable.