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Reduction of environmental pollution by the lead glass industry of the Federal Republic of Germany

: Kaiser, A.

Korhonen, M. ; Technical Research Centre of Finland -VTT-, Espoo:
Non-waste technology. Vol.2
Espoo, Finnland, 1989 (VTT symposium 103)
ISBN: 951-38-3466-2
Symposium on Non-Waste Technology <1988, Espoo>
Fraunhofer ISC ()
glass; leadglass; polishing process; pollution; recycling; waste waters

A survey is given over technological developments of the last years within the lead glass producing industry of the Federal Republic of Germany with impact to environmental pollution reduction. Special attention is put on clean air technologies including recycling of filter dusts, to the removal of heavy metals from recycling and waste waters and to environmental improvements of the acid polishing process.