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Recycling-Verfahren und Recycling-Anlage zur Verwertung von Gegenstaenden aus Werkstoffverbunden

Recovery and recycling of materials from objects, especially hospital waste, containing material combinations and process plant - comprising washing and cleaning unit with object loader, object sorting unit, dismantling facility, material identification and sorting unit for components, a pelletiser and sterilising system for pelletised material.
: Eccard, H.; Luckert, H.; Schaefer, G.; Wagner, D.; Hipp, A.; Ziegahn, K.-F.

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DE 1996-19609406 A: 19960229
DE 1996-19609406 A: 19960229
DE 19609406 C2: 19980604
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In a recycling process for recovering objects made from combinations of materials, especially medical products, the objects are cleaned, sorted according to size, isolated and dismantled before separating according to the material type. The individual materials are then cleaned again, pelletised and sterilised. The recycling plant comprises (a): a loading device (1) for charging a washing and cleaning the unit (2) with the objects; (b) a sorting unit (3) for isolating and sorting items according to size; (c) a dismantling unit (4) for separating objects into their individual parts; (d) an identification and separating device (5) for detecting and separating different materials; (e) a second washing and cleaning unit (6) for the separated individual components; (f) a pelletiser (7) for the batches of components of different materials; and (g) a plant (8) for sterilising the pelletised materials. USE - The process and plant are especially for recovering and recycling materials used in me dical products, especially contaminated disposable syringes, anaesthetic equipment, catheters, tubes or similar hospital items. ADVANTAGE - The separated materials have a high level of purity.